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I strongly believe that comfortable ways of living and working wins over uncomfortable and even complicated things can be made simple and beautiful. I have found that listening and caring is more valuable than beating the rivals. I speak for cooperation and brotherhood instead of competition. These are the guidelines of my work and life.

I am a "big picture" person who loves variety and action. There is a method to my madness... the theme is to keep mind and options open and to listen... so with that in mind I have worked in the area of business management consulting, research and education. Main areas of work have been within business strategy, operation management and organizational development. Freely translated my interests have covered most of the relevant development issues within organizations.

I am a Certified Professional Facilitator, Certified Management Consultant and Certified Action Pedagogue. I have originally specialized in Business Strategy and Law and continued with post graduate studies and research within Organizational Leadership and Industrial Management in Helsinki at Aalto University of Technology. Besides my actual work I have completed studies in Biology specializing in field biology and in traditional construction specializing in log building and renovation.

I have always been interested in how to manage my mind. Today my main interest is to learn how to get the best out of people around me while working with them as they are. My favorite job is always the last one on the go. I am constantly amazed of the learning and personal growth on each assignment. Looking back, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the variety of challenges my teams have faced. We have really made a difference for our clients and I feel a true sense of accomplishment. …so as you can see, there is a method to my madness.

Suomeksi - In Finnish
Olen sertifioitu fasilitaattori, liikkeenjohdon konsultti ja työyhteisöjen kehittäjä. Omaan akateemisen teknis-kaupallis-oikeus-luonnontieteellisen koulutustaustan. Olen kiinnostunut yhteistoiminnallisesta kehittämisestä, suunnittelusta ja oppimisesta. Hyödynnän ensisijaisesti dialogioppimisen sekä toiminnallisen ja tutkivan oppimisen keinoja.
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